The Hereafter by Jessica Bucher review

I was kindly sent an e-arc of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.


Nin has no recollection of her death. Dylan doesn’t need to remember his to know that he deserved it. Sparks ignite when the two strangers meet in the afterlife. But no dream lasts forever and harmful memories from their pasts threaten to tear them apart. Given the chance to change their fates, Nin and Dylan must decide–life or love.


The Hereafter was an unique story that alternates between the past and present, gradually piecing them together to reveal the truth of how they ended up in the Hereafter. Due to this, the book is more emotional and character based, less focused on the action. I quite enjoyed this non-linear story line, as each time we were provided with more information I would try to figure out what really happened.

The concept and plot were very interesting and unique, I’ve never read a book quite like the Hereafter. Bucher’s writing was uncomplicated and easy to follow along with, it complimented the story well.

Overall, the Hereafter was an enjoyable read with unique concepts and plot twists. I recommend this book to people who enjoy non-linear stories that are emotional and character based.



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