Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You Want to Read More from

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes. Topics are set for every week so to join in on the fun just check out the memes goodreads group. This week’s topic is the top authors you want to read more from.

Sarah J. Maas

Sarah. J Maas is one of my all time favourite authors, but saying that I still have yet to read the Throne of Glass trilogy *gasp*. I know, it’s shameful, but I know i’m going to get to it soon. They hype surrounding that series is incredible, i’m planning on binge reading it then fangirling with my fellow book lovers. Sarah J. Maas is one of my all time favourite authors because of her acclaimed A Court of Thorns and Roses series. The third instalment, a Court of Wings and Ruin, is being released in a weeks time. I’ve already preordered it and once I receive it i’m going to hide in my room and stay there until I finish it, this isn’t an exaggeration people.

Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare is another one of my all time favourite authors, I read the Infernal Devices last year and absolutely loved it! I also read City of Bones a couple years ago but never got around to finishing the series as I was swamped with school. I own the entire Mortal Instruments series, along with The Shadow Hunters Codex and Lady Midnight. I’ve even preordered Lord of Shadows?? Don’t ask why, i’m equally as confused as you are. Anyway, I know i’m going to end up reading all Cassie’s works, including the ones I don’t currently own (The Bane Chronicles and Tales from the Shadow hunter Academy), and I know i’m going to love them!

Rainbow Rowell

Once again, one of my top favourite authors, yet I still haven’t finished reading all her published works. See a pattern here? Rainbow became my favourite YA contemporary author after reading Eleanor and Park and couple years back, I distinctly remember physically throwing the book across the room after reading the ending (the ending was so cruel *cries*) Then reading Fangirl, Attachments and her short story Midnights which is included in the anthology My True Love Gave to Me last year (I also read Kindred Spirits but sadly didn’t enjoy it as much). I own her adult book Landline, and I also want to read Carry On. Someday it will happen, and when that day comes I know my heart will be obliterated by the classic Rainbow cliff hanger ending.

Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a fairly new to me author, the first book I read from her was November 9. I read it in one sitting one afternoon on holiday, I absolutely devoured it and I LOVED it! At the beginning of this year I read It Ends With Us which I also read in a day, I didn’t enjoy it as much as November 9 but it was still fantastic! I know Colleen Hoover has many published works, none of which I own but someday hope to. Colleen writes amazing new adult books that I can just devour in one sitting, and I can’t wait to read all her other works!

David Levithan

Funnily enough, I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green a couple years ago but didn’t think much of it, I wasn’t particularly a fan. But I discovered my love for his writing when I read Dash and Lily’s book of Dares, the Twelve Days of Dash and Lily and his short story in Let It Snow around Christmastime last year. They were the perfect reads for that season, I just flew through his books! I adore his quirky witty writing style, and unique characters. I also own Everyday by David Levithan but have yet to read it, he also has numerous published works that I can’t wait to read including The Lover’s Dictionary, Two Boys Kissing, Boy Meets Boy and How They Met and Other Stories.



5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Authors You Want to Read More from

  1. simply0strange says:

    I absolutely LOVED Boy Meets Boy, I highly recommend it! Great list! I understand what you mean about having favorite authors, but still having books by them to read (Whoops!). I have a favorite series which has ended that I still haven’t finished…. working on it hahah

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