Book Beginnings on Friday and the Friday 56

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Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Book beginning:

Georgie pulled into the driveway, swerving to miss a bike.
Neal never made Alice put it away.
Apparently bicycles never got stolen back in Nebraska – and people never tried to break into your house. Neal didn’t even lock the front door most nights until after Georgie came home though she’d told him that was like putting a sign in the front yard that said  PLEASE ROB US AT GUNPOINT.

Page 56:

Georgie wrote the horoscopes. Neal knew she wrote the horoscopes. He knew her name. His hands were small, and they moved with complete surety across the paper, leaving a thick straight line.
“I didn’t know you used real ink,” she said.
He nodded.
“Can I watch?”
He nodded again.


What do you think of these excerpts? Have you read Landline or any other books by Rainbow Rowell? let me know!

The Friday 56 (3)


20 thoughts on “Book Beginnings on Friday and the Friday 56

      • readwithkatie says:

        I’ve read Attachments, Fangirl and Eleanor and Park. I think Fangirl is my favourite and Landline is my least favourite, but it wasn’t bad by all means! I just think I couldn’t relate to a lot of it. You need to read Eleanor and Park it’s amazing, it’s due time for me to reread it!


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