The Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you to Ellyn @ allonsythornraxx for tagging me, be sure to check out her blog!

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  1. I’m currently on holiday in Gold Coast, Australia!
  2. I LOVE warm weather, hence the holiday. I wish I could live somewhere where there is warm weather all year around.
  3. My favourite food is chickpeas, I’m probably the only person whose favourite food is chickpeas but there are SO many ways to eat them. Hummus, falafels, chickpea burgers, chickpea curry… the list is endless!



  1. Do you buy multiple copies of books?

No, I have never bought multiple copies of the same book, it’s just too expensive! I wish I could though, and one day if I could afford it I definitely would!

2. Do you like Roman numerals on clocks?

I don’t have anything against it, I mean I prefer just regular numbers because it’s quicker to read, but let’s be honest, I don’t even remember the last time I looked at an actual clock to check the time! I just look at my phone.

3. Are you more of a TV or movie person?

100% movie person, although I’m not a hardcore movie fan (I don’t really rewatch movies) I don’t remember the last time I watched TV, and that includes Netflix. I just really dislike TV, I feel like it’s a massive waste of time and it’s brainwashing us. A couple of times I’ve been tempted to watch a book to TV adaptation on Netflix but I know that once I start I most likely won’t stop, so I just save myself the trouble so I don’t start it, therefore there’s absolutely no chance for me to get addicted. With movies, I feel like you can’t get addicted like you can with TV series.

4. Do you collect Funko Pops? If so, who have to got so far?

I’ve mentioned this before in previous posts, but I’m a minimalist, so I tend to steer clear of collecting things (excluding books), so I don’t collect or even own a single Funko Pop. And I don’t see myself purchasing Funko Pops anytime in the future, I’m not really into those things.

5. Do you own multiple bookcases (how many?)? Also, show me!!

Yes! I currently own two bookshelves, my TBR shelf and my favourites shelf. My TBR shelf is currently overflowing with books, and I need to make a dent in it ASAP because I have absolutely no more room on that shelf. My favourites shelf is only one row on a bookshelf, two rows deep, and contains all my favourite books! I won’t include a photo because my shelves aren’t organised the exact way I want them to be, and aren’t aesthetic enough. BUT, one day I hope to have an entire room full of books in my house, which I will call the library and I will spend every waking second in there.



Ally @ Ally Writes Things / Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books / Emma @ Emma the Book Lover / Celeste @ Inked Books / Sophie @ Making Words Right


1. Which two of your favourite authors do you think would write any amazing book together?

2. Do you set yearly reading goals apart from the Goodreads reading challenge? If so, what are your goals for this year?

3. If you were to write a book what genre would it be and why?

4. Do you sniff your books??

5. If you had to choose one villain from a book to be for the day, who would you choose to be and why?

The Friday 56 (3)


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