The Liebster Award

First off I’d like to give a huge thanks to Lyndsey @ Lyndsey’s Book Blog who nominated me for this award, be sure to check out her beautiful blog! Also sorry for my lack or award and tag posts, I’m super behind on all of my tags and nominations but I’ll soon be catching up!


  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

Lyndsey’s Questions

  1. If you could live in any fictional world (doesn’t have to be fantasy, just any book world) which would it be?

umm… Prythian – Night Court. Enough said.

2. Which fantasy creature would you love to have as a pet?

Can I pretty please have a pet Rhysand?? He’s like half bat so does he count as a “creature”? 😂

3. If you could control one of the elements (earth, air, water, fire) which would you choose?

Preferably all (I mean can’t I just live my dream and be Feyre please?), but if I had to choose I think I’d go with air!

4. Do you prefer tea or coffee? How do you take it?

I used to like neither, but now I drink tea like 5 times as day funnily enough! I like herbal teas 🙂 p.s coffee makes me unbearably hyper so no coffee for me.

5. Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Too hot, I HATE cold weather and winter just ended so I’m happy now 🙂

6. What’s your favourite colour?

White and gold (if that even counts as a colour), I know it’s so weird but white is just like so refreshing and bright and minimalist I just love it!

7. Team Edward or Team Jacob?


8. Go to your Goodreads to read list, what’s the fifth book on your list?

The Maze Runner by James Dashner!

9. Ketchup or mayonnaise?

Ketchup, or should I say tomato sauce? Cause that’s what we call it in Australia. Tomato sauce makes everything taste 10000x better and mayonnaise is just yuck (no offence to all the mayonnaise lovers out there)

10. Do you prefer paperbacks, hardbacks, ebooks or audiobooks?

This is hard one cause really it all depends on the moment. I love paperbacks cause they’re tangible and easy to read but books cost money! Hardbacks are amazing but seriously I don’t have the type of money to be buying all my books in hardback just so my bookshelves are beautiful (but to the people who do, can I be you???). eBooks are sooo cheap and portable which I love AND I enjoy highlighting them and making notes without potentially ruining the book, but I hate it when the screen hurts my eyeballs. And audiobooks are great in those times when my eyes are dead and my brain can’t be bothered reading words. I love them all for all their different purposes, but if I had to choose one I’d have to go with paperbacks!

11. Who would be your dream book boy/girlfriend?

I’m sure everyone knows the answer to this question… RHYSAND. Btw, he’s not my dream boyfriend, he is my boyfriend.

My Questions:

  1. Are you into rereading? If so, what are some of your favourite books to reread?
  2. What was the last book that you added to your Goodreads TBR?
  3. A book that you think is over-hyped?
  4. What book did you think was better than the movie?
  5. Do you collect anything other than books?
  6. Have you always loved reading? If not, when did you discover your love for reading?
  7. Favourite time of day to read?
  8. A book that you loved but you now hate or don’t think you’ll like anymore?
  9. Favourite beverage or food to have whilst reading?
  10. Do you read when commuting?
  11. What is a book that you love but hate the cover of?

I Nominate

Ally @ Ally Writes Things / Alicia @ A Kernel of Nonsense / Lauren @ Northern Plunder / Namitha @ Teen Memoir

The Friday 56 (3)


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